Workshop – Speedlights #101 with Geoff Powell

Speedlights #101 is a 5 hour introductory workshop on how to use an external small flash (a.k.a Speedlights & Speedlites). It starts at the start, explaining the theory of lighting, and goes on to the practical application of small flash, both ON and OFF your camera.

Some of the topics explored in this workshop:

  • the properties of light
  • the problem with on-camera flash
  • the benefits of speedlights
  • basic speedlight operation
  • modifying on-camera speedlights
  • automatic flash (TTL) vs manual flash
  • metering manual flash
  • flash exposure compensation
  • the colour of light
  • rear / front curtain sync
  • balancing ambient and flash

We start by looking at the theory of small flash lighting; its benefits, and what it can do to help your photography. Then we put it into practice. Initially, we look at indoor lighting and the various ways to use a flash, and the various modes, both camera and flash, in which it can be used. We look at how to modify the light; how to bounce it, diffuse it, zoom it and colour it, and then we take it all outside and see how we can use a flash to fill shadows, mix it with the existing ambient or overpower the existing light. If you don’t know where to start with your flash, this workshop will get you started and some…

REQUIREMENTS: Participants will need a digital slr, and a speedlight. If you have a wireless trigger or ETTL cord, even better. We will not have time in this workshop to explore the full functionality of every individual flash, so please acquaint yourself with the most basic of settings before the workshop.

RESOURCES: Participants in the course will also receive digital notes covering the workshop contents.

Facilitator: Geoff Powell – Photographica
Where: Studio Level Eleven
Time:  10am – 3pm
Places: 20
Cost: $149



Geoff Powell is a professional photographer and teacher from Noosa. His love of photography stretches back more than 3 decades to the film days of the early 80s. At the turn of the century he formalised his knowledge with a Diploma and worked in the emerging digital industry, but in the last 10 years, he has focussed largely on teaching. He taught at Sunshine Coast TAFE for 5 years, teaching the Cert IV and Diploma of Photography, as well as their short courses, and for the last 4 years has been working for himself at

Geoff’s passion in teaching is for solid fundamentals. He has always focused on Beginner and Intermediate photographers to get them off to a great start by having solid foundational knowledge and skills. His interests in photograph lean mostly towards portraiture, fine art and lighting, but as he says ‘there isn’t a genre of photography that I don’t enjoy”.

 His strength in photography is the fact that he is all over it. “I’ve never been a specialist”, he says. “It’s just not in my nature.” Instead he craves a high level of understanding of ALL aspects of the craft, which has led him to being a very well rounded photographer and teacher, both from a technical and creative perspective.

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